Ethics and aesthetics

A lawyer by profession, Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi has a passion away from the world of subpoenas and mandates. She loves to delve deep into the world of creativity which holds her heart. And it is evident in her works that are  embedded with soul and passion. Each canvas that comes to life under her artistic strokes … More Ethics and aesthetics

Gorge on guilt-free burgers.

If you have been feeling that twinge of guilt after a scrumptious burger slathered with lip-smacking sauces, here’s some good news for you! Californian premium burger brand has launched ‘Green Burgers’ keeping in mind the growing demand for healthier options of today’s fitness conscious consumers. They offer burger lovers a ‘guilt free’ indulgence where one … More Gorge on guilt-free burgers.

Five reasons to include essential oils in your daily life.

I was pretty aware of the benefits of aromatherapy in wellness but after attending an interesting creative bloggers workshop at Wikka, I am motivated to instill these natural and aromatic essential oils in my daily lifestyle to make it healthy one. The founder of Wikka is the lovely Rupal Tyagi, who established the first and … More Five reasons to include essential oils in your daily life.

Tips to a healthy 2016

A fresh new year is brimming with hope, aspirations and many new flavours of life. But without physical wellness we are incapable of enjoying any wonderful flavours that life offers. Health is the most vital flavour of our life.’Health is wealth’  may sound clichéd but it is something we all grew up with. I couldn’t … More Tips to a healthy 2016